Graphic Designs

with James Paulson
Kaizen Cleaning Service 1

A key question when someone first comes to the KAIZEN GREEN CLEANING SERVICES site is "Who are THE TARGETED CLIENTS?" It's important to answer it quickly, and make the paths to obvious follow-up questions ("What does KAIZEN GREEN CLEANING SERVICES do?” "Why should our clients trust us?” etc.).

  • Company Logo Is Prominently Placed
    the developer will place KAIZEN’s logo or brand where it's easy to find, and that usually means the upper-left of the screen. People expect it, and they like it because it makes users easily relate the website with KAIZEN.
  • Tagline Makes Company's Purpose Clear
    The design of the KAIZEN GREEN CLEANING SERVICES website will answer, "What do you do?" concisely with a descriptive tagline. This avoids marketing jargon and boil KAIZEN’s unique value proposition down to a few words. This is also a plus for SEO.
  • The logo is Digestible In 5 Seconds
    In usability; There's some disagreement over just how many seconds you get, but visitors are a fickle bunch, and they need to get the basic gist of creatives in just a few moments.