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Melamit is a multi-vendor gift shop that proud itself of committed customers that come back for more. As such we value your comments and feedback and always give priority to let change happen. Please leave us your queries and comments here and we will get back to you as soon as possible. For any customer within the US or Canada, you can call or text on 1-800-669-9106. Thank you.

Completely parallel task market positioning interfaces through visionary niche markets, proactively incentivize sticky quality vectors before future-proof internal or "organic" sources.


Melamit Marketplace is a multi-vendor platform that allows sellers and customers to sell and buy products respectively. Furthermore, we focus on integrating the African Market and introduce potential African Sellers to the US Market and vice versa. Please be sure to register and follow our links to be part of this great initiative that has already built an overwhelming number of sellers. Cheers!