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  • melamit website

    Requirement Specifications

    Requirement Specifications (RS) are the most critical part of developing any site. After realizing the general view of what we are required to do it is time to define what each requirement is and what needs to be done to accomplish them.

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  • Branding

    Creative and Branding

    Creative and branding is the look and feels of your online presence‚ through media such as images, video, graphics, and other design elements.

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  • Communication 3

    The role of communications towards the realization of our clients cannot be overemphasized. It is a management function that should be central to the work of the organization. It is a shared responsibility involving officials and staff at all levels.

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  • Afroac  Diaspora Podcast (ADP) Audiences represent a growing segment of effective, marketable media. Podcast ad revenues are expected to reach over $500 Million in 2019, an 85% increase from 2016. Podcast listeners are the most loyal and engaged audience of any digital medium.

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  • communication 2

    Our communication company will work to strengthen the corporate identity through increased visibility, accessibility, and accountability of AAC Organs to the African Public. At the same time, the office will improve its communication infrastructure, as well as strengthening media relationships.

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