Creative and Branding

Creative and branding is the look and feels of your online presence‚ through media such as images, video, graphics, and other design elements. We will have to decide how often we want to share social content with rich media such as infographics, GIFs, or high-resolution images. Does it make sense to hire a professional PR company to create branded programs for your company, projects, and social pages? Or would we prefer to pay for stock photography just when you require it?

If you prefer to have a creative and brand team at-hand, this means you will be hiring an agency or employees? For in-house teams, examine the cost of headcount, software such as InDesign, video editing, animation, project management, and equipment required such as computers, cameras, and lighting. In some cases, it might make sense to hire an agency or freelance designer for a month, for example, to create your business’ custom branding for a campaign or refresh.

Creating something with the power to change everything. Changing perspectives through your works is what branding is all about. Our team will offer you the best short terms and long term solutions for all your branding works. 

Campaigns and Promotions

Campaigns, promotions, and other initiatives may cost a bit but could be worthwhile from a brand awareness or sales perspective. They are a great way to boost brand awareness and send an influx of potential leads through our recognition and sales funnel. We have to divide our budget according to the planning, execution, and reflection stages. In the planning stages, set aside time and resources for ideation and strategizing. We should think about how many campaigns we want to run per year, the individual budgets for each (as well as our overall budget), set our goals, content and creative strategy, and the role social media and advertising will play.

Hiring us an agency or consultant to help launch and drive the campaign? We will need someone to monitor for conversations, publish content, connect with our community, and track and control our spending against performance. Just like how agencies provide analytics to show performance, we’ll want to measure the success of our campaigns and reflect on what we can improve upon in the future.

Final thoughts on building a Brand Strategy

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to creating a proper branding strategy. That’s the beauty and challenge of creative solutions. We can do some experimenting with paid social advertising for a hundred bucks. For a few thousand, we can hire a freelance marketing consultant to create a content strategy that helps drive sales back to our channels. With more money, we can also hire an agency to create a brand awareness campaign. Oh, and if the project is time-sensitive and we if we’re on a very tight schedule, it’s always a good strategy to spend adequate money to work with the trends and make sure that we get our objectives underway. But then again, we should also think of what a capable team, thirsty for success, can do with so little. As our final thoughts, we believe our laid out plans and approaches would be the reason to work with us.

$1,500 - $30,500