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Afroac  Diaspora Podcast (ADP) Audiences represent a growing segment of effective, marketable media. Podcast ad revenues are expected to reach over $500 Million in 2019, an 85% increase from 2016. Podcast listeners are the most loyal and engaged audience of any digital medium. However, the measurement of content and ad consumption in podcasting has not been consistent so far, which sometimes limits the participation of brand advertisers. This document provides an introduction to Afroac ’s Radio plans, Podcast structure, and thematic areas of focus. It also will describe best practices for measuring downloads, Audience size, and ad delivery.

Afroac  Diaspora Podcasts are downloaded to a device for later listening or for online listening. Our Audio station offers music or news in accordance with the African Affairs Communications guidelines and measurements set in this document. In most cases, the podcast file and any ads included with it are downloaded to a device that doesn’t, or can’t, send data about the consumption of the podcast thus making it difficult for tracking and evaluation.

Our African Diaspora Podcast listeners have the ability to download files to consume whenever and wherever they want and are not required to have an active internet connection to playback an episode. The medium, the distribution, and the platforms used to collect and listen are built around the habit of downloading the file. Tracking content in this time-shifted medium involves filtering server logs to produce meaningful data for measurement. Since podcast technical teams analyze server logs differently, results vary across the industry.

The challenge for the Afroac to produce the programs is to offer the program host, editors, Audiences as well as other stakeholders a set of metrics that are consistently defined and measured equally across the podcast medium. The definitions in this document aim to reduce measurement discrepancies and present a set of recommended parameters and guidelines based on the nature of the African Affairs Communications and the industry best practices. With a consistent set of podcast advertising metrics, buyers and sellers can engage in a conversation about campaign strategy with confidence. 


While all professionals in the podcast supply chain can benefit by being familiar with this document, metric definitions are primarily intended for podcast producers and the African Union Rep. Mission’s Podcast and communication team. Specifically, account managers should be familiar with and use metrics as defined in this document when negotiating shows, programs, ad packages.

Additionally, podcast operations teams should use the metric definitions in this document to design or adjust the program measurement technology they use to analyze server logs for podcast measurement. Podcast producers should also reference this document to better understand how the African Affairs Communication, and all its organs function, as well as the different liabilities and content regulations, applied to any approved podcast contents under this office. This document offers a set of metrics that establish a mutual understanding in podcast advertising negotiations.

The African Affairs Communications (AAC) was officially launched in July 1018 in Washington DC, to build on its work.

The African Affairs Communications  Representational Mission to the USA Podcast will focus on the following thematic areas. Each shows delivered and prepared should either emanate from the following topics of interest or the hosts of the programs should adhere to include their programs into one of the following focus areas. As such, the African Affairs Communications  Rep. Mission will be able to communicate properly to its Audience, find the right answers for their queries, get a good understanding of what is required to take the programs to the next level, and assign the right personnel for communications from any of the African Affairs Communications  Organs as necessary.

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