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Secure Basic Site

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“To accelerate progress towards an integrated, prosperous and inclusive Africa, at peace with itself, playing a dynamic role in the continental and global arena, effectively driven by an accountable, efficient and responsive Commission.”

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Basic Overview of technical specifications for Website

In conformity with the requirement analysis, the website will include thoroughly tested functions: (I) Accessibility, (II) Identity, (III) Navigation, and (IV) Content. We will describe and rationalize all of the sections and line items below so that any reader of this document can get a clear understanding of how detailed the website will be carried out. Also, the following list will explain the motives behind which we have developed the site accordingly.

Section I. Accessibility

This section contains not only traditional accessibility issues but anything that might keep a visitor from being able to access the information on the website. If no one can load the site, or the type is too small to read, all of the usability in the world won’t matter.

Section II. Identity

A key question when someone first comes to our site is “Who are the Stakeholders ?” It’s important to answer it quickly, and make the paths to obvious follow-up questions (“What does the site do?” “Why should our clients trust us?” etc.).

Section III. Navigation

Once people generally know about it, they need clear paths to the content that interests them. Information architecture is a vast topic, but these points cover some of the basics in connection to the website.

Section IV. Content presentation

  • Major Headings Are Clear & Descriptive

:- As most people don’t read online instead skim, the website will be in the USA website use headings (major and minor) to set content apart and keep it organized. Headings are clear, and for SEO benefit, using heading tags.

  • Styles & Colours Are Consistent

:- Layout, headings, and styles on the website are consistent site-wide, and colors should usually have the same meaning.

  • URLs Are Meaningful & User-friendly:-

This is a point of some debate, but meaningful keyword-based URLs are generally good for both visitors and search engines. URLs of the website will be on the USA website are descriptive and friendly.

The following few points are some of the significant and basic functionalities that the website will be in the USA site has included. These functionalities conform with TOR given to the developer.

“Bringing the African Diaspora together, under the African Affairs Communications  Agenda 2063 for an integrated, peaceful and prosperous continent that all Africans in the world can share equally.”



Develop a fully functioning website with Drupal 7 or 8


Conducting research and methodologies of similar sites for feature selection and innovation


Design website layout, graphics, logos, banners, animations and/or any others contents


Provide links and references to the relevant websites as well as other relevant online publications


Design the web site in collaboration with the coordinating team mentioned in the TOR provided


The Design should incorporate technical and non- technical coordinating staff members


The developing team will provide full consultancy and warranty of the website once completely submitted to the coordinating team


Add shipment mechanisms, payments and others company details or any other third party features on the website development


The coordinating team will also be responsible for providing any other specifications asked by the developing team for any clarification


Content Types used in the website

➢ Documents

➢ Speeches

➢ Files

➢ Polls

➢ Forums

➢ Quiz

➢ Press Releases

➢ Videos

➢ Images

➢ Audios

➢ News

➢ Events

➢ Slides

➢ Captions

➢ Invitations

➢ Forms

➢ Profiles

➢ Gallery

➢ Membership

➢ E-Newsletter

➢ Projects

➢ Resources

➢ Testimonials

➢ PDFs


Our developed website will: -

  1. Incorporates all necessary and up to date security elements
  2. Can register customers.
  3. Includes a database to store information about customers, content, and multimedia.
  4. The client-side consists of a high-quality interactive user interface using one of the websites will be in the African Affairs Communications working languages.
  5. The site has been developed with the same technology and standard of the main African Affairs Communications  Commission website as it maintained accordingly.
  6. The client also has the application logic developed in the appropriate client-side language; which is Drupal 8 or 9 with an SQL database.
  7. All the pages and code are as far as possibly valid.
  8. The site provides the required services in an intended way.
  9. The site gives the clients the chance to manage their account in a way they expected it
  10. The site incorporates all the necessary information and security for the clients to see
  11. The site also includes contact information for visitors support so that our Audiences can communicate, ask and solve their queries
  12. The website consists of an About Us page where users can get a clear understanding of what the program is all about.
  13. The site has multiple menu links to transfer from one page to the other as well us to access final documents, references, audiovisual materials, and much more.
  14. The site also incorporates a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) that can meet and level the program objectives in terms of color, font types, and size, columns, blocks, and pages.
  15. The site also has a home page used as a starting page for any user visiting the site.
  16. The site includes links to the standard social media pages of the client that will, later on, be integrated once the site becomes fully functional.
  17. The home page of the website includes as many different types of materials without crowding the page to give a preview of what kind of information the users can get.
  18. The site is fully functional in all the commonly used browser types and versions
  19. The site will provide full flexibility to add any content types or any other themes, modules, blocks, views, taxonomies to add or modify
  20. The site should give links or contents about all the stakeholders, partners, and clients as per agreements.


admin ON Tue, 12/01/2020 - 16:45

I have choosen new site created by AAC is examplery. They've done a great job of creating exactly what I wanted. Easy to work with and very responsive. They met all of my expectations and had a lot of insight regarding marketing tools I didn't know existed.